TITLE:    Carl Weber’s Kingpins The Dirty South

AUTHOR:  Treasure Hernandez

ISBN:  1-62286-948-6


Carl Weber brings the best of Urban street lit authors together, each telling their own dramatic tale of life in the streets in cities across the USA. The second installment continues with Treasure Hernandez telling the tale of the Dirty South.


Kafisa Jackson was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, thanks to her father, one of Brooklyn’s most notorious drug kingpins. After her mother walks out of her life, Kafisa is left to be raised by her father the best way he knows how. She gets a crash course in what her father really does for a living in a dog-eat-dog world.


Kafisa wants nothing more than to impress her dad and prove her mother wrong. She excels equally in academics as well as in the school of hard knocks. When an unexpected turn of events causes Kafisa to abandon one education to take on the other full time, she returns to New York to reclaim what she believes to be rightfully hers. Kafisa’s name starts ringing like a Sunday church bell throughout the five boroughs as she climbs the criminal ladder, but as jealousy and envy come into play, New York becomes too hot for her.


Kafisa decides to re-strategize and relocate to South Carolina, where she attended college. She teams up with an old roommate from the area and soon has a similar operation flowing just as smoothly as the one she had back home. Life couldn’t be sweeter in the Dirty South, until some hired goons from New York try to take Kafisa out. The failed attempt sends her searching for the source of the heat and pressure she’s under. She gets a rude awakening when she is forced to go up against the one person she never expected.