APRIL 2018




TITLE:    Country Girls

SUBTITLE: Carl Weber Presents

AUTHOR:  Blake Karrington

ISBN:  1-62286-939-7



Welcome to the South, where women are raised to be mothers and wives and to stand by their men no matter what. It’s a place where, if you’re a size 8, you're too small. Meet the ladies we all call Country Girls! These Country Girls are about to find out that playing with the big boys has its consequences, unless you are really about that life.


When Niya, the head of Money Hungry Bitches decides to put her family's future first, nothing and nobody else matters. You’re either going to stand with her or be the one standing on the other end of her gun! But Niya soon realizes that sometimes, going hard to get to the top means sacrificing the very thing you love the most. Will she be willing to risk her and her girls’ lives in order to make MHB a dominant force in North Carolina’s drug trade?


Gwen knows firsthand about this sacrifice, as she struggles to get her son back from a heartless killer who is bent on revenge. Will she destroy everything to get back the one thing that means the world to her?


Diamond has been down with Niya since day one. An MHB original, she has given up much to see her crew come up, but when someone she really cares about is put in the middle, she’s forced to choose between her street family and her new life.


Put your seat belts on and get ready to ride into the lives of the ladies of MHB. Trust and believe, everybody is bound to crash on the road to the top and the fall to the bottom. Blake Karrington takes you down the deadly southern streets that made him the king of the literary South.