APRIL 2018




TITLE:  The Johnson Sisters


AUTHOR:  Tresser Henderson

ISBN:  1-62286-704-1


The Johnson sisters is the dramatic tale of a close-knit bunch struggling to keep the family bond intact in spite of their differences.


Vivian, the oldest sister, has the house, the nice car, designer clothes and money, but no man to share her life with. After a previous abusive relationship, she’s struggling with her self-esteem. What will it take to convince her she’s worthy of love?


Shauna is the funny, happy-go-lucky sister. Give her a drink and she’s content with the world—until one tragic event forces her to face her demons. The revelation of her secret threatens to damage her relationship with her sisters.


Dawn feels like the black sheep of the family, and this feeling is reinforced when her sisters voice their opinion of her upcoming marriage. Will she be forced to choose between her family and her future husband?


Serena is the only sister who has a child, but she’s also got plenty of drama in her life. Her child’s father already has another crazy baby mama, so he has no intention of marrying anyone. Serena believes love can conquer all, but will love be enough for her to endure this roller coaster relationship?


Phoenix, the baby of the bunch, says she’s never getting married. Diva extraordinaire, she enjoys the life she has, until one of her men invades the sanctity of her home and finds a way to lawfully squat in her home.


When secrets begin to spill and painful resentments from the past come flooding back, it’s a pressure cooker that could leave these once tight-knit sisters divided in the end.

At times intense, other times hilarious and sexy, Tresser Henderson’s The Johnson Sisters delivers more drama on every page than even the most over-the-top reality show.